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About Us

About MomBoss Market Space

The power in your pocket

Since time is precious, we welcome to our world of convenience! You now have the POWER in your POCKET to trade, buy and connect with the MARKET SPACE around you.

The MOMBOSSMARKET.SPACE APP opens up a new world of opportunity not only for BUSINESSES but for the CONSUMER too. Anyone can download the MOMBOSSMARKET.SPACE APP for free and it is not limited to ladies only. In fact, we welcome and encourage men to make use of our unique service too.
BUSINESSES can feature their profiles in full detail under specially designed categories for an affordable annual fee. Our user-friendly MOBILE APP is simple and easy to update and advertise all your latest products and/or services. Our MOBILE APP even connects you to all your current Social Media platforms at a click of a button. The MOMBOSSMARKET.SPACE APP has a unique COUPON offering making it super simple for you to create promotions or special offerings to your audience all through the PLATFORM.

For more information on how to register your business pop us an email on lauren@mombossmarketspace.wpcomstaging.com

CONSUMERS enjoy the benefit of using the MOMBOSSMARKET.SPCAE APP to browse for items easily simply by clicking on the category of interest, OR BETTER YET just make use of the search function. The consumer is also protected in the knowledge that all BUISNESSES who are registered on the MOMBOSSMARKET.SPACE APP are screened for your safety and convenience. In addition, each BUSINESS has a public rating service and strict procedures are in play to maintain the integrity of the platform.

For queries, comments or complaint’s pop us an email on

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Contact us on lauren@mombossmarketspace.wpcomstaging.com
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About Us

The power in your pocket

Welcome to the MomBoss Movement! MomBoss is a global movement to empower women in all aspects of their lives. From the young woman spreading her wings, to the stay-at-home mom, to the woman in business, there is something for everyone! Our motto is #ALLABOUTYOU! We are passionate about highlighting the importance of encouraging a female economy, with equality and opportunities for all women across the world.

Why worry about growing an audience when you can just advertise to our ever-growing network through all our various resources! MomBoss is an all-inclusive ONLINE ADVERTISING platform that gives its members the POWER IN THEIR POCKET to use the advantage of inbound marketing to grow their business through our platform GLOBALLY!

Let us assist you by taking your business to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Create a Business Listing once you have paid and registered

It is super easy to load your business profile. Our system has simple steps to ensure all your contact information is captured so the consumer can easily reach out to you. Make sure you take your time to do this step accurately as its your first impression. Include an exciting business description. If you have a YouTube channel upload a video. Don’t forget your logo and some pictures.

How to post your advertisements

Did you know all adverts posted get shared automatically to our Business Facebook page? From there team MomBoss will also help to share and promote your advert.

How to share your advertising posts

Follow the easy steps to take advantage of the daily share function to the MomBoss Kenya Closed Facebook Group. Or share your advert to another Facebook page, on WhatsApp or even on email. All at the click of a button.

Can men join MomBoss Market Space?

YES, men are very much welcome to register their businesses on our public spaces. Men as just not permitted to be members of the MomBoss Kenya Closed Group as this is FEMALE only. The MomBoss Team will take the liberty of sharing their adverts to the group on their behalf.

As a Premium Member how does MomBoss Market Space share my Instagram Content?

The MomBossMarket.Space IG account is there to highlight our Premium Members. If you would like us to share your post to our stories then make sure you take us on the actual photo. This will ensure your post also features on the MomBossMarket.Space secondary grid. From there we will share your post to our IG Stories.

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