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Green Zone Investments are back with a bang and ready to showcase the high-quality range of Redberry. Invest in the best with Green Zone Investments.

Redberry 3 Piece Bowl Set – Round (370 ml, 635ml, and 930ml)

When you are looking for a bow set to fit your table, this round bowl set will suit you perfectly. You need to actually observe how it is able to stack together without the bowls sticking too much together such that they could break. The Redberry 3 piece bowl set is made of premium glass which is dishwasher friendly. No need of thinking that it will get scratches or chips along the edges. Perfect for serving dishes, it comes in three capacity bowls, with all retailing at Kshs.1,700/=

Redberry 3 Piece Bowl Set – Rectangle (400 ml, 630 ml, and 1000 ml)

Dishwasher friendly, microwave friendly, and hygienic. These are the top qualities that are highly publicized of the Redberry 3 piece rectangle bowl set. If you are looking for rectangle features, these bowls are able to serve their purpose well. They may take some space in your dining area as they are not smooth on the edges to make circular bowls, but are able to present the food well. Made with glass, they keep food relatively warm. With the smallest bowl being 400ml, and the biggest at 1 Ltr capacity, they will give you ample room to serve your food. Get them at for Kshs.1,900/=

Redberry 3 Piece Bowl Set – Square (310 ml, 500 ml, and 800 ml)

Slightly similar to the rectangular bowl set, this square set is smaller in size. Having non-round edges, it is able to fit well and present food nicely. This Redberry 3 piece square bowl set is easily stackable and makes a good option for food storage. The capacity is slightly smaller than the round and rectangular ones, so you should go for this option if you are minimalistic and space-conscious, plus probably put little food. With the smallest bowl with a capacity of 310ml and the biggest at 800ml, you may want to only put foods that are smaller than 1Litre. They serve the purpose with good lids that are fitting, with the bowls being microwave and fridge-friendly. Get this square set for Kshs.1,750/= and enjoy your meal storage.

Redberry 3 Piece Bowl Set – Round (500ml, 800 ml, and 1050ml)

With this bowl set, you can have a round bowl experience to the fullest. This bowl set has blue lids that fit well and are important in giving zero leakage. The capacity is huge, with the smallest accommodating half a Litre capacity, and the biggest one accommodating slightly over a liter. This means you can store a lot of food here. Being hardy and not easily breakable, these microwave and dishwasher-friendly bowls are a set to invest in. This set is selling for Kshs.1,750/=, you will not regret it.

Redberry 3 piece Casserole Set – Round (0.7 Ltr, 1 Ltr, 1.5 Ltr)

What is a kitchen without casserole dishes? To make your casserole dishes easily in the oven, this Redberry 3 piece set is going to be the perfect kitchen addition. What stands out about this set is how big the round bowls are. They can accommodate a lot since casseroles need a lot of layering. You are assured of only making one bake especially if you use the biggest one which has a capacity of 1.5 Litres. Very hard to break, with the glass being well smoothened, the lids are also glass and not easy to break, which makes your food presentation stand out. To own this casserole set, only purpose to spend Kshs.2,150/=.

Redberry 2 Piece Baking Tray – Oval (2400 ml, 3000 ml)

Glass baking trays produce amazing results with their accommodative size. This set has two trays that you can easily use to bake your items. They fit well in the oven as they are oval in shape. This set has no lids, as baking trays often do not have such. They are dishwasher friendly and are able to resist breaking from the heating which comes from the oven. The investment for these baking trays is for Kshs.2,150/=.

Redberry 2 Piece Baking Tray – Oval (1600ml, 2400ml)

Similar to the above set, these two-piece set the difference is how this one is smaller in size. It is still oval, but the capacity allowance is able to help you accommodate smaller sizes of food to be baked. If you have a small oven or a halogen one, this baking tray will be able to fit in easily and still serve you right. Enjoy baking after buying this set for Kshs.1,950/=

Redberry Baking Tray – Oval (1400 ml)

The smallest of them all, this oval baking tray is also resistant to breaking and dishwasher friendly. You can easily use this in a microwave to do microwave baking through it. Having a capacity lower than one and a half liters, it is convenient for small dishes. For Kshs.1,500/= you get to have these dish that is highly efficient in baking.

Redberry full Partition (1480 ml)

This tray is one of the best purchases you shall ever make for your kitchen collection. The partition is a feature that many bowls and trays fail to have. This glass tray that is hardy and nearly one and a half liters helps in easing your cooking due to that partition. You can therefore put two different dish mixtures that you do not wish to mix together and can bake at the same time. Even if it is partitioned, it is dishwasher-friendly and will not break. Acquire this gem by spending Kshs.1,500/=.

Redberry Double-Sided Aluminum Grill Pan – 36 cm

Would you wish to enjoy some grilled meat or vegetables but have no barbecue grill? Not to worry! This pan works magic and will make all your grilling dreams come true. Easy to handle and non-stick, the Redberry double-sided grill pan is able to grill food from the upper and lower side. As such, you can expect your food to get ready very quickly. All you should do is take care of it and avoid scratching when washing. It has a huge surface area of 36cm, allowing you to lie your food up well. The aluminum feature ensures that your pan will last longer hence durable. Invest only Kshs.3,400/= and enjoy grilling all the time with ease!

All these Redberry products are proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be having a great quality that is immeasurable. Try any of their products by purchasing from Green Zone Investments. You can access them through their social media platforms for these and other great deals.

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Green Zone Investments

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