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Unlike before, getting baby products in the market is not hard. What actually is, is identifying which baby products will offer you the best quality service. Some of the authentic baby products can be sourced across the globe, and we came up with a few that you can depend on with ease. Because all babies deserve nothing but the best.

Tommee Tippee Free Flow First Cup

Coming in colorful red, yellow, purple, and blue, these cups are a baby product your little one will adore! They are made with authentic plastic that does not chip, hence removing any risk hazard of choking. The Tommee Tippee free flow first cup is sturdy and does not break even when the baby hits it on the floor or highchair. With its easy handgrip area, your baby can fit their little fingers easily with no injury. They have a capacity of 190ml, making it easy for you to put a filling liquid portion for your baby. Whether you are adding in milk, water, or juice, the cup has a sucking area that is comfortable for in your little one’s mouth. You can easily open it and transition to using the cup without the top sucking area as the baby grows. Easy to clean and safe for use, this Tommee Tippee Free Flow First cup go for Kshs.950/= each.

Huggies Little Swimmers Swim Pants Size 3-4 (7-15kg)

Does your little munchkin love swimming? You should therefore get them this particular baby product. Using normal diapers is not effective in the absorption of liquid when in the pool waters. Specially made with absorbent technology, the Huggies Little Swimmers swim pants are well suited for the activity. Better yet, they are safe for baby and prevent them from infections gotten from pools when a child uses normal or no diapers.  These convenient swim pans are of size 3 – 4, which accommodates a 1-year-old quite well with 7-15kg. Stretchable, breathable, and safe for the baby. Get these swim pants at Kshs2,300/= for 12 pairs.

Tommee Tippee Explora Heat Sensing Weaning Spoons (3-Pack)

When your baby is ready for weaning, so should you be well-armed with these heat sensing spoons. Coming in a pack and consisting of three colorful spoons, the Tommee Tippee Explora heat-sensing weaning spoons change color to indicate to you if the food is too hot to give the baby. This is especially important to test when you are using a microwave to heat your baby’s food. These Explora spoons are BPA-free and specifically designed and change color from red to yellow. The soft tips of the spoons ensure that the tender gums of your newly weaned baby are not scratched as the material is not harsh at all. Suitable to use for four months old babies, they also have extra-long handles which is suitable if you are scooping from a jar. They are sterilizer and, dishwasher safe. Get your 3 pack at Ksh1,500/= and be on the frontline in ensuring baby safety. 

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare & Grooming Kit

Your baby will need grooming and it is impractical to use your own grooming kit on your baby. For reasons that sharing these can lead to infections, and grown-up kits are too hardy for the baby features. As such, investing in a Tomme Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare and Grooming Kit is key as they have a variety of components your baby will need from birth as they grow. The kit includes a nasal aspirator, brush, comb, and a digital oral thermometer meant to check your baby’s temperature. A special feature of the thermometer is the inclusion of an automated warning sound which sounds if temperature readings reach fever levels. Another key feature to mention is the inclusion of the Healthcare Kit coming in a material pouch. This makes the kit ideal for traveling with baby as you have an easy and organized space to store the items. You thus can enjoy maximum convenience of having all the items at once especially to avoid contamination. Get this great investment for Kshs3,600/=and save yourself much trouble.

First Steps Toddler Feeding Bowl

Feeding your baby or toddler is not only about nutritious food but also about where the food is served in. Babies and toddlers are attracted to color, different shapes, and animal-like bowls. They are fun, and encouraging to feed on, hence getting the First Steps toddler feeding bowl will make your eating timeless troublesome. These feeding bowls are different, accommodating different colors and animal drawings and shapes. That means you can pick one that matches the personality of your child fully. The First Steps toddler feeding bowls are easy to use and can fit a filling baby portion. They are not bulky and are dishwasher safe. Kids love having something personalized and buying these feeding bowls for your little one will really help you through. Each is for Kshs.750/=. Invest in such and say goodbye to tears and tantrums during feeding.

These essentials for a baby are going to save you from many hustles, solving small challenges in bringing up your baby. Aim to invest in authentic baby products that are of premium quality, and that promise to give you value over time.  Ease your parenting by getting these products, and enjoy them more. You can get these products for your baby from Green Zone Investments by contacting them through their social media platforms. 

Article written by:

Khilna Shah

Director Green Zone Investments

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