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It’s back to school season and time to upgrade your utensils with the latest Tupperware and Premier branded products. Not only should you expect them to serve you for longer, but are also classy, hardy, and easy to clean, with amazing features. If you have young ones who are picky about the shapes, colors, and sizes, well, these items have got you covered. Store your oldies away and get this in-thing quality by taking advantage of the back to school bargains.

Tupperware 2 x Slim Eco Bottle (750 ml with strap) PLUS FREE GIFT Slim Eco Bottle (750 ml with strap)

Yes, you read that right! This bargain comes with a free one so you get to actually have three bottles! What an amazing offer if you have a big family or like changing the colors of your bottles. These bottles are lovely, made of virgin plastic, ECO friendly and stand out for their huge, yet manageable capacity. You can easily carry the 750ml liquid in, whether it’s a smoothie, water or juice. These bottles don’t crack nor chip as other plastics do. They will remain shiny and attractive, being your must-have item on the day. For Kshs.3,102/=, you can get this deal of a lifetime and own the three slim eco bottles.

Tupperware Large Rectangle Lunch-it Divided Dish 1Ltr

Do you like a variety of foods but don’t want to mix them or have separate containers for each food item? Don’t worry, you can actually eat healthier and save money by planning ahead and packing lunch or snacks you love on the go. It is now possible to easily get all that with this lunch-it divided dish. It is perfect for packing lunches or as a meal prep container, because the food is partitioned. This large lunch-it base comes with “extended” tabs on each end making it extremely easy to transport and carry. Moreover, each seal also has dual tabbed seal ends for easy opening and closing. Another incredible feature is how the Lunch-it containers stack neatly in fridge so you can make tomorrows lunch tonight and just grab and pack in the morning! Remember not to use it in the microwave as it is not intended as such, but is dishwasher safe. For Kshs.1,027/=, invest in this and your lunches will never be the same again.

Tupperware Fruit on the Go 600ml

We know an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and it still applies to other fruits too. Eating fruits on a daily as you are in school is now a lesser deal as there’s a container specifically designed for that. This great bowl has a lid and spoon that actually clips in to the lid. This lid is ideal to keep the fruit and fruit juices in place since it is airtight. It has a fancy design and is able to fit well in your bag. You don’t need to worry about any leakages or your fruits oxidizing. It also has a great capacity to fit your fruit bowl mix well. Get your Tupperware Fruit on the Go for Kshs.1,131/= and enjoy fruits during your day.

Tupperware Frozen Sandwich Keeper and Tumbler (330ml)

This set is specially made for the ones who love some unique art and design on their containers. To make things even better, you can easily pair your sandwiches with a drink as you shall carry it in the tumbler. This Disney approved Frozen set has the frozen cartoon art that every child who adores that movie would love. It has a smaller snack keeper and the slightly above 1/2litre tumbler has a sipper seal that your little ones will love. Get this Dishwasher safe and BPA Free sandwich keeper and tumbler for Kshs.1,857/= only.

Tupperware On The Go Luncher (1.1 L) and ECO Bottle (750 ml)

This is a cool lunch box that can accommodate a juice snack and a sandwich with ease. Actually, it is also ideal as a pencil case or even a sewing box! This eco bottle is manageable in capacity and has a screw-top cap, making it very reliable in carrying your beverages. Remember not to use it in putting hot drinks or carbonated drinks as it isn’t suitable. This amazing pack of two retails at Kshs.1,712/=

Premier Housewares Grub Tub Lunch Box with 2 Containers/Cool Bag/ Cutlery

This pack, available in green color is all you need if you like matching containers. The lunchboxes can accommodate a reasonable food amount, being that they are two. It is therefore well easy for you to carry more than one dish. The seals are also very good and you are unlikely to experience any leakages. This pack also has a cool bag which is fashionable, as well as can fit your containers well. Going along with the cutlery, you are all set to get back to school and enjoy nice meals. You can get it for Kshs.5,000/=, which is a great bargain for something that durable.

Creative Tops Once Upon a Time 3 Piece Kids Cutlery set

Children like having fancy containers and cutlery so as to make mealtimes more fun. You can still tap into your child’s fantasy likes by getting them this set which is creative and artistic. The set of 3 pieces has some cartoon drawings that are lovely and something a child would own happily. Get this at Kshs.1,650/= and stand out fully.

Kitchen Craft Small Lunch Cool Bag 4.9 L

Coming in a striking navy blue or red color, this leak-proof bag assures you of ultimate food safety no matter your movement. Food gets to spill a lot, or get extremely cold which is an issue you will not experience with this cool bag. Not only does it keep food cool, but if you have put hot food, it will remain warm for 5 straight hours! It is ideal for its ease in cleaning, and how it can accommodate a number of containers. This is definitely something you need, so include it in your back to school budget as it is going for Kshs.3,000/=.

Built Active 1Litre Leakproof Box with Stainless Steel


No one likes food leaks as they not only ruin your bag but may also spill to your books and stationery. To avoid such a scenario, it is best that you invest in this leak-proof box. It is well suited for foods that could be with stews, like curries and certain gravy. The stainless steel cutlery addition elevates this box as you are assured that the cutlery will last long without breaking. Say goodbye to food spills by purchasing this at Kshs.3,500/=.

Tatay Urban Food Flamingo Food Kit – 5-Piece Set + Insulated Thermo Bag

This set has microwave and fridge safe, plus BPA free containers which can come in a variety of colors. It is a food kit that surely stands out for how high quality it is, as well as attractive to see. It is definitely a worthy investment since you are assured that you can carry all your foods at once in containers that fit well in their bag. Retailing at Kshs.5,000/=, all the schoolmates will admire your new purchase.

All these quality items can be bought from Greenzone investments through their active social media platforms. Don’t allow the back to school season to find you with your old containers, cutlery or bags. Get these quality items to make school more enjoyable! Please note we have more designs and colors.

Article written by 

Khilna Shah from Green Zone Investments 

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