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Now that times are back to nearly normal, getting back to the office physically is becoming the norm, especially after having to work from home in a long period of time. You may now have to start rethinking the containers you once had, and include having new ones that will last longer and serve you best. If you prefer carrying packed lunch or snacks and drinks to work, here are some the necessary items you should invest in.

Tupperware CrystalWave Divided Dish (1Ltr)

Not every day is a day where you eat out and have to take away with plastic disposable containers from restaurants. Actually, when you carry your lunches with the Tupperware CrystalWave Divided dish, you are helping to make the world a better unpolluted place. This rectangular dish stores and reheats your meals conveniently as it is microwave friendly and made from virgin plastic. You are also able to put different dish types because of the partitioned area. With Kshs.1,027/=, your work eating breaks just got better.

Tupperware Commuter Mug (360ml)

This mug is a piece of art when you look at it. It has a double insulated base which keeps your hot and cold beverages as they should be. If you put in hot drinks, do not be worried about it as this mug is designed to carry them. Thanks to its cover and its valve equipped with a silicone seal, it is perfectly sealed and waterproof. There is absolutely no risk of spilling drinks in the bag or in the car, so rest assured your documents will not be messed up. With its ergonomic design and textured material, you can be able to hold it comfortably with one hand, and even sip in between your meetings. For perfect hygiene, it has a lid-mounted flapper pivot for easy opening and easy drinking without being disturbed by the flapper, which tends to always stays open when you drink. One of the best features of this commuter mug is how the lid is unscrewed allowing also a total opening to facilitate filling and cleaning. The retail price is Kshs.2,272/=

Tupperware CystalWave Rounds (600ml x 2)

If you are taking leftovers to work or school, you need a container just for that. The CrystalWave Rounds, which are each 600ml containers, take the guesswork out of packing lunch and nothing gets wasted. These colorful tins are microwave friendly and can fit in a relatively filling amount of food to work. Their beautiful purposes are cooked food / left over food kept in the fridge, remove and reheat in the microwave, and ready to eat! All you have to do is just microwave and enjoy! Get these containers for Kshs.1,535/= for two pieces.

Tupperware CrystalWave Soup Mugs (475ml x 2)

Are you a lover of taking soups at work? Carrying soup to work can be greatly taxing because you are always worried about the possibility of spillage. With these soup mugs, a set of two, you have the perfect solution to store, heat and serve all-in-one. Some of the super features that make you want to need this are how open the vent for reheating is. They have a unique venting feature which actually allows for no mess when microwave reheating. These mugs have an easy-carry handle, larger seal tab and push-open vent cap.  As if not enough, they have stain guard which protects the containers from stain-prone sauces and keeps containers beautiful for years. This soup mugs with liquid and airtight seals retail at Kshs.1,764/=, promising to keep your soup hot and fresh.

Tupperware Citrus Infuser (700ml)

Our bodies are around 60% water, and the recommended daily water intake is around 8 glasses a day, so why is it so hard to get it all in? Plain water can be, well, boring.
So why not bring some colour and flavour into your daily water intake with the reusable, eco-friendly Tupperware Infuser Bottle 700ml.
With the innovative Tupperware Infuser Bottle (700ml) you can take your infused water on-the-go!
Drink tasty, healthy, infused water all day (can be warm or cold)The days at work really need you to keep yourself hydrated. With this citrus infuser, you can comfortably take your infused water on-the-go! You can drink tasty, healthy, infused water all day (can be warm or cold) in either of the two ways. The first method would be to juice the citrus fruit using the juicing cone or use the second one which involves you placing a fruit into the base for all day. This second option will ensure that your water will be flavorful all day long! Say goodbye to drinking plain water and invest in this infuser going for Kshs.1,649/= only.

Tatay Black Urban Food Kit 5-Piece Set + Insulated Thermo Bag – Microwave & Fridge Safe & 4 BPA Free Containers

This is definitely one of the best back to work bargain sets. It has a variety of components that just make your office lunches and tea times so much easier. The large containers give you so much freedom with what dishes you can carry to work. It is possible to carry four different dishes and enjoy them all instead of mixing them up. The black insulated thermo bag gives you an assurance that your food will be kept warm the whole time. These containers are actually microwave and fridge safe, so when you get to work, you can put them in the fridge and microwave to eat at the time you are ready to enjoy you meals. Get this whole set at Kshs.5,000/=.

Healthy Eating BPA-Free Stackable Lunch Box Snack pots (4-piece sets)

Get to enjoy your yummy snacks without being jumbled up together with the lunch box snack pots. They are four and the beauty of stacking them together is really amazing. It has a twist lock system, so all your snacks can be put in place and not spill out their juices, if they have any. You can now easily control your portions and eat them at your own pace. For Kshs.1,500/=, this is the way to go.

BUILT Perfect Seal Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle 540ml Black

This stainless steel water bottle is perfect and classy, making your office days hydrated. It has a relatively fair capacity, making it easier for you to carry around meetings and able to fill up in case the water runs out. Be rest assured that it will not spill, and invest in it with Kshs.3,500/=.

Kitchen Craft 450 ml Glass Drinking Mason Jar with Straw

These glass drinking mason jars stand out and make drinking any liquid nice. Coming in assorted colors, you can get any of these and enjoy how hardy they are. Perfect for having on your office stand, you can also use the straws for easy drinking. These mason jars are easy to clean and do not break easily. Get each at Kshs.1,100/= and become the envy of your colleagues.

Kitchen Craft Microwave Steam Bags (Freezer Food Safe & 19½ x 26 cm) – 30 Pieces

If you go to work early, you can make deliciously moist dinners in a matter of minutes by using these handy microwavable food bags to steam chicken, vegetables and fish which you can freeze and carry the following day to work. Simply place your ingredients in the bag, then use the easy-seal film strip to keep the flavor and moisture locked in as they cook. You do not need any heavy, bulky electric steamers. The bags are easy to use and disposable, too, so you can avoid all that pesky washing up as well. If you are dieting, you can use these in steaming vegetables as it retains vitamins, colors and nutrients, so you can enjoy healthy, delicious dishes in a snap. In case you are worried about the material, the bags are made of high-quality plastic that’s certified food safe. You get 30 in the pack, each measuring 19.5 x 26 cm (7½” x 10″), all for Kshs.900/=.

Enjoying fresh food at work is now made easy with all these containers. Concentrate well in the office, with your sorted out food, in any of these safe containers.

We have a lot of variety, colors too!

Article written by:

Khilna Shah 

Green Zone Investments

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