BAKING ITEMS YOU NEED – by Green Zone Investments


– by Green Zone Investments

Baker & Salt Enamel Baking Dish, 22cm

This enamel baking dish is perfect for making casserole dishes and layered pasta dishes. Its rectangular-like feature is an essential one, in that, it gives you, the baker a perfect allowance for putting your food mixtures. Since it is greatly enamel- based, it is a hardy baking tray that won’t need replacing as it shall serve you for a long time. Need not to worry about your food sticking to the bottom as this Baker & Salt Enamel Baking dish is a pure non-stick, promising not to disappoint you by any means.

Retailing at Kshs.4,500/= this is an investment your kitchen will appreciate.


Baker & Salt Brownie Pan Baking Tray Dish

Are you a brownie- lover and tired of using the wrong baking dish, which end up ruining your brownies? Well, to get the perfectly browned brownies, invest in the perfect cookware specifically for that role. The Baker & Salt Brownie Pan Baking Tray Dish assures you nothing but quality brownies. It is tray-like, and definitely accommodates a number of brownies for your family. Better yet, this baking dish is a non-stick variety, which protects your precious brownies from sticking and burning from the bottom.

Currently at Kshs.1,900/=, owning the Baker & Salt Brownie Pan Baking Tray Dish is every brownie baker’s dream. You can easily make that a reality.

Baker & Salt Jumbo Muffin Tin, 6 Cups

This muffin tin is the key to making those jumbo muffins you see at the stores without breaking a sweat. With a cup diameter of 9cm, you will be able to fill a relatively huge amount of cake batter in, and watch the beautiful muffins rise well through to the top. The Baker & Salt Jumbo muffin tins are regular and each cup is similar to the other. You have absolutely no reason to worry about other muffins rising smaller than others.

Be assured of evenness and invest in these muffin tins retailing at Kshs.2,150/=.

Baker & Salt Large Cooling Rack

This cooling rack is 46cm x 31.5cm, which is actually large in size. It is best f

or cooling your baking dishes or pots, if placed on top, or some foods like cakes, bread, and other non-dripping foods. Since this is a large cooling rack, it allows air to flow through freely from its open sections and cools down your food in good time. It does not get stained as other cooling racks often do, hence is a good addition to your kitchenware.

Buy this Baker & Salt Large Cooling Rack today at Kshs.1,450/= and you will not regret it one bit.

Baker & Salt Medium Double Non-stick Coating Roaster Tin

When you are looking for a good roaster tin, you should feel comfortable to settle down for the Baker & Salt Medium Double Roaster. It is 36cm, which can easily fit a bird and other vegetables. All the juices from the roasting have a great allowance of where to settle in and its non-stick feature ensures that your roasts don’t turn into burnt food.

The tin is like a square and retails for Kshs.2,200/=. Without a doubt, this coating roaster is all you need especially if you’re roast meat or vegetable lover.


Baker & Salt Non-stick Roaster and Rack Oven Tray

This roaster is somewhat similar to the Baker & Salt medium roaster tin, but in the form of a tray design. It is 36cm, and can give you ample room to put in your foods without compromising space, and with the ability to layer them well. The most unique feature of this cookware is definitely the rack which can be used in different ways. You can use it as a separator, if you are layering different foods, or where you place the foods if steaming. Alternatively, you can also use it to put in place some foods you want to roast, so that they do not get over to the top.

Purchase this at Kshs.3,750/= and explore more creative ways of using it.

Baker & Salt Non-stick Coating 1lb Loaf Tin Pan

You know a good deal when you see it, and getting this loaf pan is one of the best decisions you will ever have made. Bread is an essential food item that can be made fresh daily if you have this. Its non-stick coating enables you to make bread without constantly worrying about it sticking and burning at the bottom. Moreover, you don’t even have to line it with a parchment-paper, but can actually use cooking spray and you put it in your bread dough. The loaf tin size gives your dough good room to rise and bake evenly.

Get this for Kshs.1,350/= and enjoy every slice of bread you make.


Baker & Salt Non-Stick Muffin Tin, 12 cup

With a cup diameter of 6.5cm, this 12 cup muffin tin is to die for. Not only can you bake big muffins, but can also bake many at once instead of going for many cooking rounds. This non-stick muffin tin ensures that your muffins are well browned at the bottom, protecting them from uneven cooking and burning or sticking to the bottom of the tin.

With Kshs.2,000/=, you can be a proud owner of the Baker & Salt Non-Stick Muffin Tin.

Baker & Salt Non-Stick Spring-form Round Baking Cake Tin Pan

What’s a home without a cake? To help you in this, own a round baking cake tin pan that will not disappoint you whatsoever. It is 20cm in diameter and definitely able to make decent sized, round cakes. As you put in your batter, rest assured that your cake will not stick at the bottom as this cake tin pan is non-stick.

For Kshs.2,200/=, you can have this coveted Baker & Salt Springform cake tin.


Baker & Salt Non-Stick Swiss Roll Tray Pan

Make some amazing Swiss rolls using this large tray pan, which is 32 x 23.5 x 1 cm. It can well fit in a huge amount of Swiss rolls, well placed and ready for baking.

This tray pan costs Kshs.1,350/= and a good kitchenware addition in your home.


Baker & Salt Pizza Oven Tray

Pizza making just got more interesting and fun with this non-stick pizza oven tray. It is 33cm, which makes the commercial medium pizza size. This tray ensures you get the best crispy base without burns on your pizza dough. It has small holes at the bottom, all in the design set to make it stand out as a pizza-making tray.

You can get this at Kshs.1,500/= and say goodbye to low-quality pizza.


All these items can be found at Green zone Investments with the stated costs. 
Get yourself these best bargains and more, by reaching them through all 
their social media platforms. Happy and fun shopping!

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