55 Mini Hearts Silicone Molds

55 Mini Hearts Silicone Molds*

▪︎ *Material:* Premium quality silicone,PBA & PVC Free, *no chemical coatings* which is safe for whole family to use

▪︎ *Easy to use & clean:* Flexible and foldable, product can be pop out easily. *It’s convenient to make delicious snacks* for children, friends and your family. *Nonstick for quick release,* dishwasher safe for easy clean up. *Reusable, heatproof and non-fading* , it has a long service time. *This heart silicone ice cube tray is good for your to making drink,* whiskey,cocktail keep cold longer.

▪︎ *Great for making small* candies, chocolates, Pudding, JerryFun & versa, Soap, Cookie frozen yogurt treats, ice cubes with fruit juice, cake decorations, party favors baby showers, Wedding Party Favors, Gifts. *Also make interesting and lovely food for pet*

▪︎ *Multiple application-Could be used in microwave, Oven, Refrigerator, Freezer, Dishwasher and Steamer .* *Temperature Safe* from -140℉ to +430 ℉(-40 to +230 degrees Celsius)

*PRICE: Kshs.1,050/=

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