Arshia Knife Set – 10 Pieces*

Arshia Knife Set – 10 Pieces*

▪︎The key to their quality is the hardened alloy that is used to make the blades.

▪︎ *Color 😘 Silver

▪︎ *Material 😘 Cast Iron

▪︎ *Knives Set Includes 😘

1 x Cleaver

1 x Chef’s Knit

1 x Bread Knife

1 x Boning Knife

1 x Carving Fork

1 x Utility Knife

1 x Paring Knife

1 x Scissor

1 x Steel Sharpener

1 x Holder

*Details 😘 Blade is forged from one solid piece of steel, tempered to optimum 58C Rockwell, for durability.

▪︎Blade spine is carefully grounds and polished.


▪︎Handle Ergonomically design handle to fit your hand.

▪︎The edge is skillfully honed twice for razor sharpness.

▪︎High stain resistance. Easily restorable edge.

*PRICE: Kshs.11,500/=

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