Caredom Pet Mint Oral Spray 100ml

Caredom Pet Mint Oral Spray 100ml is a product that is used to freshen the breath of pets, such as dogs and cats. It is a natural, non-toxic spray that contains mint extract and other ingredients that help to eliminate bad breath and promote healthy teeth and gums.Get yours for Kshs 750 only.
Here are some potential uses and advantages of Caredom Pet Mint Oral Spray:
-Freshening the breath of pets: The spray can be used to freshen the breath of pets, making them more pleasant to be around and reducing any unpleasant odors.
-Promoting oral hygiene: The ingredients in the spray can help to promote healthy teeth and gums, reducing the risk of dental problems and maintaining good oral hygiene.
-Convenient application: The spray can be easily applied directly into the mouth or on a pet’s food or treats, making it convenient for pet owners to use.
-Natural, non-toxic ingredients: The spray is made from natural, non-toxic ingredients, making it a safer and healthier alternative to other breath fresheners that may contain chemicals or artificial additives.
-Suitable for a variety of pets: The spray can be used for a variety of pets, including dogs and cats, making it a versatile product for pet owners.
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