These cute and cosy sleep bags will give your precious one a good night’s sleep. Available in two sizes suitable for babies aged 0-6 months, and upto 18 months the sleep bag benefits from a 100% cotton lining, providing a comfortable sleep pod. lay your baby down in the snug, cosy 2.5 tog pod, ideal for those cooler room temperatures – 15-21°c or the 1.5 tog ideal for warmer – 22-25°c temperatures.
The clever design reduces the risk of your little one kicking off the blanket in the night, ensuring they still snug and cosy while snoozing!
There will be no difficult cleaning procedures, as the pod is suitable for machine washing at 40°c – perfect for removing stains and blemishes.
Those tricky nappy changes are made simple with quick and easy access via the handy side zip, and there are also popper openings to help with removing your baby from the pod! the sleep bag is comes in four cute designs, ensuring nap time is stylish too!
Now available in 1.5 or 2.5 togs, Small, Medium or Large size in four lovely designs.
Great deal at KES 1950!

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