Domo 9Pc Bordeaux Cookeware Set Jolie

Domo 9Pc Bordeaux Cookeware Set Jolie*

▪︎Casserole 26Cm With Glass Lid

▪︎Sauce Pan 18 Cm

▪︎Japanese Wok 24 Cm

▪︎Deep Frying Pan 26 Cm

▪︎Frying Pan 28Cm


▪︎This Set Contain Different Type Of Pan Which Made By A Valuable Range Forged Aluminium With Stone Effect

▪︎All Pieces Are Perfluorooctanoic Acid Free Non-Stick Interior Coating

▪︎products Have High Thickness On The Edge Which Giving More Solidity And Robustness

▪︎Made In Italy

*PRICE: Kshs.10,050/=

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