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#DurhamKenya At Home – Reading & Storytelling ( : ) We’ve already looked at how reading can expand your child’s interests and knowledge, now let’s look at how you can actively involve your child in the story. Make storytime a shared experience by encouraging your child to join in with phrases, sound effects and actions. Reading is an excellent way to encourage expression and to develop vocabulary in young children.


Use the storytelling aspect of reading to encourage your child’s creativity and critical thinking. Talk about what is happening in a picture, what the characters might be thinking, or what might happen next! Then, when the story is over, ask them how it could have ended if an element of the plot or the characters were changed, or leave it open and see what ideas they have to change the story.


Take things to the next level with role play! Have your little one act out their favourite story, and use their imagination in symbolic play. Encourage them to enact their own plot changes and even combine characters from different stories or place their favourite characters into different settings. This is wonderful to encourage communication, ideation and critical thinking about cause and effect.


Reading and the many activities it introduces are key elements of the Creative Curriculum at Durham International Nursery & Pre-Prep School. Visit our website to learn more and contact us to meet our team and see the school!

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