Granite Stone Non-Stick Frying Pan – 28cm

Granite Stone Non-Stick Frying Pan – 28cm* – Large Induction Pan with Tough Stone-Reinforced Coating and Heat-Resistant Handle

*INCREDIBLE MEALS* > Flared sides and a large cooking surface make the stone frying pan perfect for crisping bacon, searing steaks, frying eggs, browning onions or making pancakes.

*The 28cm frying pan is large enough* to create incredible meals for 3 to 4 people.

*TOUGH & EFFICIENT* > A *high-quality cast aluminium body moves heat quickly across the non-stick frying pan,* ensuring ingredients cook evenly and efficiently.

*The Granite triple-layer non-stick coating* is reinforced with stone, creating an exceptionally tough surface inside and out.

*It protects the induction frying pan from bumps and scrapes* and lets you use minimal cooking fat to create healthy meals without the risk of your food catching.

*PRICE: Kshs.2,800/=

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