Home Basics, Silver-Grey Heat-Resistant Teflon Steamer Ironing Glove

Home Basics, Silver-Grey Heat-Resistant Teflon Steamer Ironing Glove*

▪︎ *PROTECT YOUR HANDS FROM THE SCALDING STEAM OF THE HOT IRON:* Offering soft protection from the scorching heat of the iron, the glove is perfect ironing the details and the tough to reach secctions of your favorite garments from the sleeves, corners of the shirts, and collars.

▪︎ *PERFECT FOR IRONING THE HARD-TO-REACH SECTIONS OF YOUR GARMENTS:* Use it smooth out the crinkles and wrinkles of the hard to reach areas of your garments from the sleeves, collars, pockets.

▪︎ *UNIVERSAL FIT:* One size fits all on either hand. Great for anyone who is right handed or left handed.

▪︎ *DESIGNED TO LOVE AND LAST:* The glove is great for keeping your hands protected from the hot steam while ironing or for transferring pots out of the oven.

▪︎ *GREAT FOR STEAMING CLOTHES:* Great to use for steaming clothes, use it smooth out the end of pants and gowns or remove the wrinkles off your delicates

*PRICE: Kshs.1,000/=

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