How to grow small business in 2022

2022 has just begun and some of us are still finding ways of recovering out from pandemic effects and slowly grow our small businesses locally itself.

While January almost is going to pass in preparing documents for audit purposes and tax computations, reviewing management reporst for montly sales forcasting and budgeting, we will still be left with some time after 15th to figure out what is our business vision and goal for 2022.

Trust us for this, the more clear you are about your business’ goal the more clear your are on the direction to move forward and strategies to implement to reach that goal.

So once the vision and goal is clear and well written, what next can we do to really make it happen? Here are few changes we can adopt this year to really thrive!
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* Put team work and communication at the heart of your business this year. Make sure you communicate your vision and goal with you employees loud and clear and make them onboard with you, treat them as team not just employees. Align your business values with the employees’ values. Create a people first workplace. This is what will make your dream work! Emphatize with your employees and connect with them.

Adopt this motto,” If we ask, How are you doing? We really want to know.”- Patrick Williams, Transformational Living
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*Networking with other business owners is something everyone has been emphasizing. One has to find out new ways of collaborations and networking instead of figuring out how to avoid competition. Think of places and events where you can not only find your ideal clients but also networking with other business owners who can later refer you to your ideal clients.

* Make digital media and Google your new best friend! There is nothing new about this we cannot ignore the power of Google My Business and social media platforms to bring in business and awareness, how long will it still take start building an online presence for your business, now is the time to act on it.
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* Coaching and training, we have been talking about this since last year, learning is very important for small biz owners, adopt this habit of learning and then coaching and training your employees so that they are more efficient and less reliable on you to do their jobs effectively.

However, we cannot ignore the importance of financial forcasting in business, despite all this we also need to prepare our budgets and think of new actions to do this year differently to scale in the first quater of 2022.

Let us know in comments your ideas or actions for this year, we would love to learn from you!