Kitchencraft Microwave 26cm Plate Cover With Air Vent

Kitchencraft Microwave 26cm Plate Cover With Air Vent*

▪︎Microwave without mess: Keep your microwave clean and splatter free with this super-handy plastic food cover.

▪︎Simple design: Just place the microwave cover over a plate or bowl and you can cook soup or reheat a dinner without the messy clean-up.

▪︎ *Cook to idealion:* The adjustable air vent lets you choose how much steam is circulated, for ideal cooking results.

▪︎Dining outdoors? You can also use this microwave cover for food served outdoors, as it will help protect it from bugs, dust and dirt.

▪︎Made of food-safe, BPA free plastic, this microwave lid measures 26 x 5 cm (10 Inch x 2 Inch) to fit over most plates.

*PRICE: Kshs.1,500/=

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