Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet Blender

Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet Blender*

▪︎The Dessert Bullet makes frosty desserts and treats that have all the flavor without the unhealthy processed ingredients and without the calories.


▪︎Make healthy, yet delicious frozen treats in the comfort of your own home

▪︎Just choose your desired ingredients and place them in the chute and out will come a delicious and nutritious frosty treat

▪︎Easy to use and easy to clean


▪︎Wattage output: 350 watts

▪︎Number of speeds: 1 speed

▪︎Material: Plastic (BPA-Free)

▪︎Removable parts: dishwasher safe

▪︎Dimensions: 13.58″H x 7.68″W x 9.33″D

*Please message me if you want to see a video of the product.*

*PRICE: Kshs.6,500/=*


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