MasterClass Pizza Cutter, Stainless Steel

MasterClass Pizza Cutter, Stainless Steel.*

▪︎Creating effortlessly clean cuts through even the toughest and crispiest of crusts.

▪︎From the sharp, stainless steel wheel that will glide through any topping, to the ergonomically designed, soft grip, non-slip handle with built-in thumb protector, every aspect of this pizza wheel has been designed for one task: creating perfectly formed pizza slices, with maximum taste and minimal hassle.

▪︎Once sliced, simply unscrew the mechanism on the side of the wheel and remove the blade. The individual pieces are easy to disassemble and rebuild and will provide a sparkling clean, hygienic finish.

▪︎Diameter of blade: 8.5 cm (3½ inches)

*PRICE: Kshs.1,700/=

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