Metabolic Balance by Sunita

Magnesium is important for so many of the body’s regulatory functions and biochemical systems. The impact of low magnesium levels spans across all areas of health. Magnesium has several health benefits such as:

🍀Healthy Bones

🍀Relieves Insomnia and Promotes Sleep

🍀Prevents Migraines 

🍀Eases Stress & Anxiety

🍀Improves Digestion & Alleviates Constipation 

🍀Protects the Heart

🍀Lowers Blood Pressure 

Eat foods high in magnesium such as:

✔️ Pumpkin Seeds

✔️ Almonds

✔️ Leafy Greens

✔️ Cashews

✔️ Dark Chocolate 

✔️ Avocado

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