Monstera Mixed Metals Bangle KSh4,000.00

Monstera Mixed Metals Bangle The Monstera Mixed Metals Bangle is a wonderful trendy piece of jewellery that is designed to go with everything. Its multifaceted tones will effortlessly complement any other accessory you’re wearing. This versatile piece helps to eliminate decision making when it comes to accessorising or gift giving, and is popular amongst women of all ages.
What is a Monstera? The Monstera plant has characteristic large round leaves, with naturally occurring perforations, that lends to its distinctiveness. The holes have a practical purpose in helping the plant to survive. In the rainforest, high wind and heavy rain are common, but the leaves don’t break as the wind blows through the holes.
Monstera Symbolism and Significance The Monstera therefore represents resilience and durability. Similarly, the evergreen nature of this ornamental plant lends to its enchanting and everlasting nature. There’s no denying its timeless and captivating beauty, which enables the Monstera to make an effortless and stylish statement to your accessories game. Feel boundless and rejuvenated by the Monstera!

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