New! Fresh COLD PRESS juices available

New! Fresh COLD PRESS juices available! We prepare your juice in front of you without any additive! @kuvings @hikitchenltd
Some facts about Cold press juicing method:
Cold Press juicing is slow and meticulous process that requires much love and patience producing a superior juice. Hence why it is called slow juicing! The juice is extracted by gently squeezing and pressing the fresh produce to ensure vital enzymes and minerals stay intact and alive. Therefore enabling the juice to be kept for up to 72 hours stored in glass sealed bottles.
Another important fact is that there is a difference in drinking a cold press juice to drinking a smoothie. Drinking a cold press juice gives you 65% of the nutrients absorbed in 10 to 15 minutes compared to 17% of the nutrients absorbed in 2 to 3 hours when drinking a smoothie. Even though a smoothie has all the fibre a cold press juice will give you quick energy and nutrients that are easier to digest.