Nyuki Bee Silver Plated Necklace KSh4,000.00

Bee Silver Plated Necklace Nyuki is the Swahili name for bee. The Bee Silver Plated Necklace represents generosity, diligence and teamwork. These are central qualities to the bee that you can behold through this eye-catching necklace. It feels even more special to wear when you learn about the diverse role that bees play in our ecosystem.
A Day in the Life of a Busy Bee The expression, “busy as a bee” is not just a figurative expression. Bees evidently have to undertake numerous tasks on a daily basis to look after the hive and produce honey. Here’s a snapshot of some of their chores, depending on their role. Nurse bees care for the young, whereas the queen bee’s attendant workers bathe and feed her. Unsurprisingly, the guard bees stand watch at the entrance of the hive. Concurrently, the construction workers build the beeswax foundation. The queen lays eggs and the workers store honey herein. The foragers need to bring back enough pollen and nectar to feed the entire community. However, a single bee can’t carry pollen from many flowers at once, so she visits between 50 to 100 flowers before heading home. She repeats these round-trips throughout the day and never sleeps. During her approximate 3 week lifetime, she can cover up to 500 miles.This exerts a lot of wear and tear on her body. Accordingly it’s no wonder worker bees have such a short lifespan. With these diverse roles, a single hive can benefit from having a large team. Numbers can comprise from 20,000 to 60,000 per hive. From spring to fall, worker bees need to produce about 60 pounds of honey in order to sustain the entire colony over the winter. On average, a honey bee produces 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey over the course of its life. Consequently it’s no surprise that it takes tens of thousands of workers to get the job done!
Busy Bees Work Together There’s no doubt that bees demonstrate the importance of a solid work ethic and teamwork to get the job done. Pair your Bee Necklace with the Bee Silver Plated Earrings to inspire you to tap into your network. When you have a big task to accomplish or long road ahead of you, the power of cooperation will help you succeed. “The busy bee has no time for sorrow.” William Blake Learn more about the bee and its symbolism here.