Pan for Pancakes, Emoji Smiley Face Pancake Pan

Pan for Pancakes, Emoji Smiley Face Pancake Pan*

▪︎ *Emoji Pancake Molds -* this pan give your pancakes personality and give your kids a fun and easy treat. Removable structure, easy to carry, suitable for camping

▪︎ *Non-stick Pan for Pancakes-* Quality material ensures maximum heat transfer for fast, easy to flip and clean up.

▪︎ *Pancake Mold PFOA FREE* – take care of your health, our pancake pans are certified safe and non-toxic. *Pancake Pan measures* 10 inches diameter and 1/2 inches height, *each pancake mold measure* 3 inches, 17 Inches length including the silicon handle

▪︎Smiley Pancake Pan *Premium Material* – Aluminum offers super conductivity, providing exceptional heat retention and distribution than traditional cast iron pan.

▪︎ *Low flame is recommended when cooking to avoid food burnt.* Stove top use only, *not compatible with Induction Hob*

▪︎ *Ergonomic Design Pan – The silicone handle* on this pancake griddle is designed to stay cool on the stovetop.

*PRICE: Kshs.2,000/=*


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