Phone Cooler, Portable Active Cooling Fan Cell Phone Radiator – ON PRE-ORDER

Phone Cooler, Portable Active Cooling Fan Cell Phone Radiator – ON PRE-ORDER

Brand – Ohnice – BEST SELLING IN USA

Compatible with Android and iOS

Suitable for phone sizes 4.8”-7”

Semiconductor Heatsink for Watching Videos and Playing Games

Color – Black

Price – Ksh. 3,999/-

Further product details:

•Super-fast cooling in 3 seconds, which can drop to 28 degrees. Freezing technology and forced heat dissipation. It can help reduce the risk of losing the mobile phone battery and prevents mobile phone freezing and can also extend battery life.

•Has a retractable soft silicone back clip, which is suitable for mobile phones of various sizes. It can stretch and clamp the phone up and down. Suitable for 4- 6.7-inch IOS or Android phones.

•The phone cooler is small, light, and comfortable. After installing the mobile phone, it will not bring a sense of weight, and the fingers can be held wantonly without curling up. At the same time, there is a bracket hole at the bottom of the phone cooler that can be fixed on the mobile phone tripod, which can fully cool the mobile phone during live broadcast, making the live broadcast smoother.

•The phone cooler has a special heat sink, which can dissipate heat on all sides and provide a very effective cooling effect and a large enough cooling area to cover the CPU and battery of your phone.

•The Phone cooler’s design prototype is based on the Peltier effect and the semiconductor refrigeration raw materials are selected layer by layer to achieve the cooling effect only in minutes.

What’s in the box?

1x OHNICE Cooling Fan Phone Radiator (Black)


1x User Manual

How to order:

• Orders are confirmed via payment of Ksh. 2,000/- by M-PESA to 0111 487 717

• Orders to be confirmed by this Saturday 22nd January 2022

• Items arrive after approximately 2-3 weeks

• Upon arrival, delivery is available at a nominal cost