Release Your Trauma Workshop

My name is Coach Cathy O and l am a Trauma Release Coach. I work with survivors of trauma to help them release their trauma and live an authentic life. Often times, we live with trauma and not even know it. Or we live with it and think that we can never release it. In as much as whatever cards that were dealt to you was beyond your control, healing is totally 100% your responsibility – 🥺 I know how that feels. If you would like to learn how to ditch the panic, anxiety and overwhelm, join me on June 4th for a two hour free workshop to kickstart your journey to living an authentic life. Use the link below to save your spot. The times are 7pm EAT and 10am MDT. Join me in this eye opening session as l will teach you the blueprint to releasing your trauma. I’m your Trauma Release Coach Coach Cathy O