Feedback from a client posted on Momboss: Tazim Elkington !!

I would like to recommend Tazim Elkington, who has helped me through my depression, anxiety and anger issues.  I searched Momboss for therapy recommendations and I happened to come across  Tazim.

We started this process in Oct 2020 and see Tazim  twice a week. I booked 10 sessions and the first three were for three hours.  Initially, I thought 3 hours per session and having 10 sessions was a lot, but I trusted Tazim and the process.

The first session was intense (nothing like what i expected), became emotional and cried.  I left the session feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, at the same time had an intense headache and vomiting also.  I believe this was a lot of toxins leaving my body.

Tazim has an incredible process – hypnotherapy, talk therapy and regression therapy.  Her knowledge is outstanding and she’s a very warm person that I felt comfortable sharing my innermost thoughts with.

I finished my 10 sessions and felt like a new person.  I continued another 2 maintenance sessions, these were months apart.  My life has changed so much for the better, and I know this is all thanks to Tazim.