In Africa, many schoolgirls miss their education and schooling because they cannot afford sanitary towels during their periods.

They use old clothes and torn cloth. This is unhygienic. Unsanitary. And not to mention, unthinkable in this day and age. We appeal to men and women of goodwill and the willingness to do good to help supply sanitary towels to 350 girls in need.

This is complicated by the fact that the area we’re supporting, Mathare, has a limited supply of clean water. Reusable pads, though ideal, are unhelpful, and we need disposable ones. Mathare is a collection of slums in Nairobi, Kenya with a population of approximately 500,000 people.

We earnestly request your help. The budget is 35,000 KSH or approximately 300 USD. Thank you for coming forward to help. May the good karma come back to you and your family many, many times.