SQ Professional 2 in 1 Food Processor

SQ Professional 2 in 1 Food Processor.*

▪︎The 2-in-1 food processor from SQ Professional has ten different speed settings plus a pulse function.

▪︎The many precision speed settings offer control, allowing you to prepare a multitude of dishes with no fear of over-processing your ingredients.

▪︎Complete with slicing, shredding and chopping blades, grating and slicing ingredients quickly and evenly has never been easier.

▪︎Making dough or cake and cookie mixture is a piece of cake with the handy interchangeable mixing blade.

▪︎Convert from food processor to blender in a flash with the 1.8-litre blending jug.


▪︎The impressive combination of high-quality stainless steel blades and a strong 700-watt motor means you can quickly prepare hearty soups, delicious desserts, sensational smoothies and so much more.

▪︎Whether you’re chopping, blending, mixing, processing or creating deliciously chilled frappes, the 2-in-1 food processor does it all.

*PRICE: Kshs.12,000/=

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