Tibetan Singing Bowls Set – HANDMADE IN NEPAL

Tibetan Singing Bowls Set – HANDMADE IN NEPAL

Meditation Sound Bowl hand Hammered in Nepal For Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Healing & Chakra balancing (3 inch)

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Price – Ksh. 3,200/-

Size: 3 inch

More Details:

💚 Hand Made by Local Artisans: Singing Bowls from Himalayan Healing are hand-hammered in the foothills of Nepal by local artisans. They possess special skills and experiences to give a perfect physical shape to such bowls. After all, the artisans are decided to create something that is as distinct as you are.|

💚 Ergonomic Design: The 3-inch singing bowl comes with a wooden striker and hand-sewn cushion which flawlessly fits in your hand. The portability of this bowl makes it possible to carry it everywhere you go.

💚 Holistic Healing: Our singing bowls inherently produce a deep tone with rich quality. The resonance emanated from the bowl revitalizes and rejuvenates all the body, mind, and spirit. It acts as a holistic healing tool for overall well-being.

💚Enhances spirituality and creativity: Singing bowls have been used for yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices. The power to realign and restore the chakra located in various parts of the human body. Moreover, these bowls create musical vibrations that enhance creative and artistic expressions along with intuitive feelings.

💚Guaranteed Quality: All of the singing bowls from Himalayan Healing pass through the special sound and quality test to ensure that you receive the best product. All our singing bowls are guaranteed perfect sound quality.


– Delivery is available at a nominal cost

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