Travel Pillow (with Luxury Bag, 3D Contoured Eye Masks and Earplugs) – BEST SELLING IN USA

Travel Pillow (with Luxury Bag, 3D Contoured Eye Masks and Earplugs) – BEST SELLING IN USA

Brand – Soft Digits (Best-selling in USA)

Breathable & Machine Washable Cover


Color – Grey

Dimensions – 10.6 x 9.5 x 5.1 inches

Price – Ksh. 3,500/-

Further product details:

•Provide Perfect Support – Sleep like a BABY during the journey! With perfect curves shape design, this travel pillow can better fix your head and neck, its unique curves around the neck well. It is elevated in the back and gives excellent stabilizing support when you sleep with your head leaning back.

•Premium Memory Foam – This memory foam travel pillow uses an environmentally friendly foaming process, soft but provides amazing support. Prevents the head from falling forward, relieves neck pain during travel. The memory foam filler uses the 5 seconds return technology. When you open it up after squeezing, it comes back to its original shape quickly.

•Smooth and Comfortable Fabric – It’s covered with breathable and super soft magnetic therapy cloth, which is made of comfortable and smooth fabric. It doesn’t get all hot but stays cool and forms to the neck well. The pillowcase is removable and machine washable, so you will always get a fresh and clean pillow on your journey.

•Portable & Adjustable – This travel neck pillow is designed for portability and comfort. It’s easy to roll up and store in the bag provided. The added adjustable rope lock can adjust the angle and size of the pillow to meet the requirements of different neck sizes and choose to provide support and comfort where needed.

•The Best Choice – Use as additional support on your neck when sitting on the couch watching tv, reading at home, napping in the office.

How to order:

• Orders are confirmed via payment of Ksh. 2,000/- by M-PESA to 0111 487 717

• Orders to be confirmed by this Saturday 22nd January 2022

• Items arrive after approximately 2-3 weeks

• Upon arrival, delivery is available at a nominal cost