Tupperware Bottle

Tupperware Bottle.*

▪︎ *Our BPA free reusable water bottles are an eco-friendly, cost-effective* way to keep you healthy and hydrated on the go.

▪︎Our large water bottles provide a sustainable, cost-effective way to drink more water throughout the day.

▪︎ *Our 500 ml water bottle can help you start and support a positive habi* t that can have a real impact on your overall health.

▪︎The tapered, contoured shape of our large plastic water bottle *fits easily in your hand.*

▪︎ This large BPA-free bottle fits in most backpacks, and can even be used for serving water at the table.

▪︎Durable, colorful and environmentally friendly.


▪︎ *500 ml* @ Kshs.1,234/=

▪︎ *750 ml* @ Kshs.1,442/=

▪︎ *1 ltr* @ Kshs.1,649/=

▪︎ *1.5 ltr* @ Kshs. 1,961/= ( *offer price for 1.5 ltr is Kshs.1,546/= till 1st Dec 2020)*

▪︎ *2 ltr* @ Kshs.2,168/=

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