Tupperware Commuter Mug (360 ml)

Tupperware Commuter Mug (360 ml)*


▪︎Enjoy your favourite hot or cold beverages wherever you go.

▪︎With an innovative 360◦C drinking spout, you can drink from anywhere on the drinking rim.

▪︎Refill at your local café to reduce the use of disposable cups.


470m I 9 x 21cm

▪︎Dishwasher Safe

▪︎Microwave Safe

▪︎Pack smart, save smart, live smart with durable, reusable containers.

▪︎You’ll love our 360° Commuter Mug for its innovative drinking spout cover that allows you to enjoy your beverage anywhere, any time.

▪︎Simply twist and enjoy.

*PRICE: Kshs.2,272/=

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