Tupperware Freezer Mate (2.5L)

Tupperware Freezer Mate (2.5L)*

▪︎Cook in bulk, freeze meals and save time and money.

▪︎ *The freezer mate seal* helps in locking in the freshness and flavors and keeps odors from escaping and contaminating other foods in your freezer.

▪︎ *The inside walls of the bases have Colour Control* coating to substantially reduce staining from prolonged use!

▪︎ *Flexible material of the bases helps avoid cracking* when frozen and makes it easy for defrosting.

▪︎ *Round corners on the inside make* it smooth when unmolding food out of the Freezer Mates without any risk of leftovers being left wedged in the corners!

▪︎ *A “MAX” fill line* is around the base indicating the maximum amount of food you should place in the container, this allows for food expansion during the freezing process to prevent deformation of the base or cover.

▪︎ *An all-around foot at the bottom of the base* provides stability to the base while pouring your foods to be frozen.

*PRICE: Kshs.1,234/=* SAVE Kshs.830/=

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