Tupperware Fridge Bottle Pitcher Slim Line 2 Ltr

Tupperware Fridge Bottle Pitcher Slim Line 2 Ltr*

▪︎The open square shaped base is easy to clean. *It is also easy to fill, not only for liquids, but also for solid foods.*

▪︎The square shape of the *Pitchers saves space* Handle-free and *ergonomically designed,* the compact Slim Line Pitchers *fit in most refrigerator doors.*

▪︎The containers have two flat sides that allow a firm and safe grip. *The flat sides of the container also serve as transparent window* s so you can easily identify the content and its level.

▪︎The water tight seal and cap allow for *safe transportation of the Pitchers without spills.* The cap is removable for easy cleaning and drying.

▪︎Thanks to *the heightened spout, it is easy to pour into any type of cup or glass.* Each part of the Slim Line Pitcher is dishwasher safe.

▪︎ *Ideal for storing and serving* water, tea, iced coffee, juice, home-made original beverages or cold seasoning soup, soy sauce, etc

*PRICE: Kshs.1,131/= per piece

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