Tupperware Large And Small Marinader

Tupperware Marinader Small and Large*

▪︎Marinades help make food taste more flavorful, but they can also be a mess to make. Well not anymore, thanks to this marinade container, one of Tupperware’s most popular innovations!

▪︎The clever BPA-free plastic marinade container makes marinating mess-free.

▪︎ Simply place your meat or vegetables in the container, pour the marinade over the top, and close the container.

▪︎ Then turn over your meat or vegetable marinade container every three or four hours to ensure even seasoning.

▪︎Special grids inside the marinade container help the marinade flow and season evenly; plus meat, fish, and veggies stay extra fresh inside, even overnight.

*NB: Special deal this month, when you buy Tupperware for Kshs.3,102/= you can purchase That’s a bowl 7 ltr for Kshs.1,131/=