TUPPERWARE QUICK SHAKE 700ML* for Kshs.1,131/=

TUPPERWARE QUICK SHAKE 700ML* for Kshs.1,131/=

▪︎ *Our instant shaker bottle features a sleek,* easy-grasp design with a flip-top cap that can be *locked shut for no-spill transport* of healthy drinks and shakes.

▪︎ *Or use as a blender bottle* to prep and drink your beverages in one easy pack and go container.

▪︎ *This protein shake container is the quick, one-step way to make protein shakes* anywhere you need extra energy or hydration.

▪︎ *Our handy shaker bottle fits into most* purses, computer bags, and even car cup holders.

▪︎ *At home, use your blender bottle to create mixes,* marinades, toppings or salad dressings.

▪︎ *With its larger capacity, redesigned blender wheel, and domed, screw-on seal,* all it takes is a few quick shakes, no electricity required.


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