Tupperware Screw Top Water Bottle, 750Ml*

Tupperware Screw Top Water Bottle, 750Ml*

▪︎ *Virgin Plastic water bottles* make drinking more water easier, but that’s only half the battle.

▪︎ *Reduce adding to the one-use plastic problem* and be part of the solution instead!

▪︎ *Reusable water bottles are durable* , go-anywhere, and are eco-friendly.

▪︎ *These water bottles come in sizes* , to fit into your bag or backpack with ease.

▪︎Making tiny changes like this, *just switching from single use to a reusable BPA-free water bottle* , will help *keep us and our planet healthier for longer.*

▪︎ *Ergonomically designed* bottles ideal for storing and carrying water

▪︎ *Spill proof and liquid tight cover* allows you to carry water on the go and store in the fridge

*PRICE: Kshs.1,442/=

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