Tupperware VentSmart High (1.8L x 2)

Are you feeling the chill?? Tupperware is going to warm you up with these warming Winter Vibes products 🔥🔥🔥

*Your veggies and fruit will stay fresh for much longer in the fridge,* if you store them in the innovative *Tupperware VentSmart High (1.8L x 2).*

And these will look oh-so-pretty in your fridge too 💟💟💟

▪︎ *Seal with air circulation system.* Slider can be put in 3 different positions; depending on content in container

▪︎Fruits and vegetables are often subject to quick spoiling. *The unique venting system of VentSmart* containers helps to regulate the atmosphere inside the container by balancing the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide passing in and out of the container, and can be adjusted according to the type of vegetables or fruits stored. *That way the food is kept fresh for longer,* reducing spoilage.

*PRICE: Kshs.3,102/=* ( Price is for 2 pieces)

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