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Fall in Love with yourself again & again – Part 2 – by Leena Shah

Fall in Love with yourself again & again – Part 2 – by Leena Shah

When was the last time you looked into the mirror and said “I LOVE YOU” to yourself? When was the last time you told yourself – “YOU ARE IMPRESSIVE, YOU ARE WONDERFUL, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE OUT, YOU ARE YOU AND I LOVE YOU TO BITS”?

But this is what we always do – I am just too busy to think about myself; Let me first take care of my family then I will look into myself; I do not want to be self-critical but then how do I do it otherwise?; I do not have the time to journal and list down my feelings and work on them.

Take a dive into yourself and think – do you really have to change everything in your life to love yourself?

  • What about a small step in treating yourself a little better than you did the previous day?
  • How about putting on those headphones and listening to some music as you continue to work?
  • How about taking an exercise mat and lying down to relax and connect with Mother Earth?

There is no right or wrong way of self-care. Happiness is something you are entitled to not something you need to earn.

The don’ts:

  1. Do not develop an unconscious reflex to put yourself down for every minor thing no matter how ridiculous or absurd.
  2. Do not give yourself a hard time over the most unexpected things, therefore criticizing yourself for criticizing yourself.
  3. Do not think you cannot develop self-compassion.
  4. Do not let self-doubt take the better of self-love.

So how does Self-Love influence?

Self-love influences everything from who you date, to how you are perceived at work, to how well you cope when the kids test your limits at home. It’s beneficial to your mental health and so there is no need to feel guilty for giving some time, attention, and affection to the most important person in your life – YOU!!. You are not destined to be a self-loather forever. But first, you need to realize that all the thoughts in your head about yourself are just that… thoughts! Thoughts aren’t necessarily true.

We all deserve to be happy. It is our birthright. And the best gift you can give yourself.

Have I managed to tick off all the boxes…? That is where most of us are always stuck. I was there too! I tore at myself with negative self-talk, hateful thoughts, and anxiety. I was a people’s pleasing person. But Self-Love & Self-Care changed everything.

One of my mentors always asks – Can you pour from an empty cup? Take the time to refill and then think of others. Simple, isn’t it? And we complicate things.

Psychological injuries can be treated but we leave them unattended resulting in depression and even suicides. And then someone tells you – ‘Oh, are you feeling depressed? Just shake it off; it’s all in your head.’ Can you imagine saying that to somebody with a broken leg: ‘Oh, just walk it off; it’s all in your leg.’ “

No, it is never in the head. Let your heart lead the way and see the change.

This is a short exercise for you all until we meet next time…

When you are brushing your teeth or getting ready in the morning, stand (even do a little dance) in front of the mirror and say aloud “I love you. You are the best person I have known. You are so wonderful. You are awesome! You are beautiful. You are authentic. You are you! And I absolutely love you.”

Have a lovely time loving yourself…

Article written by:

Leena Shah




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