HOMEMADE SWEET DISHES – by Sulis Magic Kitchen

HOMEMADE SWEET DISHES – by Sulis Magic Kitchen

Homemade sweet dishes

Sweet tooth? Well, you will definitely enjoy this variety to choose from. Having a sweet dish is like having a taste of heaven. So lovely and edifying, you will end up begging for more. In this article, we bring you a few varieties from Suli’s Magic Kitchen that you can choose from and get blown away.

1Amazing Log pudding

This eggless pudding variety is a mix of smooth and rich. The nicely layered and shaped pudding which actually resembles a log has a creamy and silky soft cream on top, with homemade mint chocolate and coffee drizzles to make it look more real. It is perfect for your brunch parties as a type of spongy and creamy dessert that everyone will enjoy.

This exceptional log is made fresh, and you can get a full one at Kshs.2,500/=.

2Silky smooth Shrikhand

If you are on the lookout for a milk-based dessert. Then this one should stand out for you. Shrikhand is made of homemade hung yogurt. (Same process used to make Greek yogurt) so it’s drained of all excess water leaving it almost thick cream-like in texture. It contains Dried fruit, cardamom, Kesar (saffron), sugar, pistachio, and almonds. Pistachios are the most commonly used garnish and almonds, making this dessert such a pleasant sight, and a tasteful one.

Get a Kilo at Kshs.1,200/=, and enjoy.

3Mouthwatering Gulab Jambu

This is a classic Indian sweet that is made with milk powder, sugar, and flour and cardamom powder to give it its distinct flavor. This particular Gulab Jambu uses milk powder as the main ingredient, making delicious golf-sized balls. Served with a soaking liquid of cardamom and saffron flavored sugar syrup, the truth is that biting into one will not be enough.

You can even possibly finish a whole bowl, that is why for 1Kg, you only need to part with Kshs.1,200/= so as to eat to your fill.

4Choco Oats Ladoo

Are you craving some sweet but energy-boosting snack? The oats ladoo will work their magic on you. Packed with roasted oats, nuts, and jaggery then molded to a ball, these nutritious balls are perfect if you are choosing more health-conscious desserts. Because of the chocolate coating, these ladoos are more unique than what is usually served as the classic version of the sweet dish. These balls are perfect for snack biting in festivities.

You can get a kilo for Kshs.2,000/= and you won’t ever look back.

5Kasata Barfi

In case you are thinking this is a tough name to pronounce, then you are better off skipping it and head over to taste it first! This dessert of Indian origin that has been modified to different versions over the years is made from whole milk that is flavored with Sugar, Cashew nuts, Pistachio, Almonds & Cardamom, and spices to make fudge. What stands out most apart from its aroma is the colorful texture that it has. 

Enjoy this fudge by getting a Kilo at Kshs.1,700/=

6Dubai Crunch

They don’t call it Dubai crunch for no reason, but because it is crunchy and super delicious. You can find this sweet dish at parties, but with Suli’s Magic kitchen, every day can be a party day. With wavy patterns at the top of white stripes against a chocolate background, this sweet dish will definitely make you happy.  The sweetness of this sweet comes from the little number of dates and a good amount of mixed nuts are used to add crunch and volume.

A Kilo retails at Kshs.1,700/=, and honestly, that is a good deal.

7Plain Chocolate

There is something quite incomplete when you are trying out sweet dishes but choose to leave out chocolate. It is the star of all candy. Have yourself some plain chocolate that has zero preservatives, and melts in your mouth. Enjoying plain chocolate is made fun, especially because it is shaped in many small and bite-size designs.

Satisfy your taste buds with chocolate anytime by parting with a kilo for Kshs.2,000/= only.

8Mawa Penda

Coming from the term mawa, which is Hindi for evaporated milk, Mawa Penda are sweets made from the mawa, sugar and cardamom, pistachio and saffron. It is calorie rich and definitely hard to resist even if you are on a diet. Garnished with nuts, these mouthwatering sweet are really appealing to the eye and taste.

For Kshs.1,500/= per Kilo, you will not regret passing time while biting into these sweet candies.


This chocolate covered chocolate bar that has fudge with rice krispies and mixed nuts is actually a great addition to your snack variety. Made fresh, these chocolate bars are a mix of the smooth chocolate with an element of crunchy; sandwiched between two layers of chocolate and rice krispies. You can have this sweet dish at any time, and it is actually a kid’s favorite.

Chokitos can be expensive, but with Kshs.1,500/= you can get a Kilo without a sweat.

1Gundar Paak

A sweet dish that has an intense flavor, coupled with the texture of gond, spiced and dry fruits is one worth indulging in. This is one of the sweet dishes that will blow your mind, especially from how delicious, yet delicate it is. Expect a lot of crunch in this dish, with a great balance of the sweetness as the use of jaggery, is assured. It is a healthy and tasty winter special Gujarati Paak. It is rich in calories, nutrients and also a source of calcium and protein; so ideal to serve kids, new mothers and elderly people.

For Kshs.1,700/= per Kilo, this sweet dish will impress you and your loved ones.

All these sweet dishes can be purchased by contacting Suli’s Magic Kitchen which is a call or text away. Catch them on their social media handles and with no doubt add more sweetness to your life!

For orders and more variety please contact Khilna:

T: +254723918999

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Sulis-Magic-Kitchen-105988864448680

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