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If you had to ask me what I think is the secret to creating an unforgettable online presence, I would have to say it is CONSISTENCY that sets great marketing apart from the average. CREATIVITY when it comes to putting together the content and ORIGINALITY of the brand. All these things combined together create a powerful online presence, along with the ability to really communicate with your target audience.

Growing a strong online presence does not happen overnight. It takes many hours behind a screen building, creating and innovating. Why is this so important? Because the future of sales is how strong your online presence is today! The time is NOW for you to start getting serious about your brand and your presence.  Most MomBosses in Business can agree that their businesses have done better since advertising on The MomBoss Kenya Facebook Group. It is easy to see why advertising is important when it comes to boosting sales.

MomBoss Kenya is doing a series of blogs to empower you to take your online presence to the next level. With the current market trends and the Covid19 Pandemic it just makes sense to grow your online footprint. Since I am sure we all have a little more time on our hands to get creative let’s look at a few points to get you started. It does not have to be difficult or expensive to develop a memorable brand. All it takes is a little imagination and effort. The rewards will speak for themselves.



Your LOGO needs to be the face of your brand. The more people see it, the more brand awareness you creating. The subconscious mind picks up on and remembers images without you even noticing. Blasting your LOGO all over is the first step in creating a brand that people remember.

I have seen that many MomBosses don’t have a proper LOGO and this is something you can easily fix. Your LOGO needs to be front and center on your Facebook Business Pages, your Instagram, your Twitter and your Whats App. People are going to remember your LOGO first and foremost. Don’t post a picture of your offerings on your Social Media Profile Pictures. It makes it difficult for people to find you.

Let me give you an example. Many ladies who participated at the pop-up market on December did not have LOGOS OR did not have their LOGOS as their Social Media Pictures. I got many a call from customers looking for someone who was at the pop up but they can’t find your Facebook Page. So, go on and make those profile pictures a beautiful LOGO MomBosses! If you don’t yet have a BUSINESS FACEBOOK page this must be a top priority! I will discuss this in another segment.



You might think it is difficult or expensive to have a decent logo designed? Think again! It is as easy as downloading a free app and getting creative!

Here is a fun fact! Did you know that I created the new MomBoss Kenya LOGO myself? I admit it took quite some time and a bunch of opinions from my nearest and dearest till I was fully happy. BUT I managed to come up with something that I thought was perfectly inline with the vision I had for my brand. It is always more rewarding when you give your own personal touch.

When designing a LOGO it is important to keep a few things in mind:

  1. Keep it simple since a busy logo is not attractive to the eye
  2. Stick to 3 Colors Max as too many colors makes printing more of a challenge
  3. Choose a text and font that stands out
  4. Add your own personal touch

When thinking about a new design it is a good idea to start by doing a little research online to see what other content you are drawn to. What fonts stand out and colors. What are your competitors doing? What do you find attractive in a LOGO? Doing a little research and combining your vision with a few elements will give you a picture-perfect LOGO.

Your LOGO is going to TIE your entire brand together. It is important to keep a color scheme, look and feel in mind at this point already. You don’t want to rush this process. Take your time to perfect your LOGO design. You want something long lasting and flexible.



I am a BIG fan of the CANVA app! There are enough templates availible on the free version of this app for you to create a great LOGO without having to upgrade to CANVA PRO or it costing you a cent. You just need to invest a bit of energy and time creating the perfect design.

CANVA PRO is still super affordable and a great investment if you do a lot of creative design. The perk of having CANVA PRO is that you can download images that have a transparent back round so when making a LOGO this is a great feature, especially when it comes to popping your LOGO onto posters. CANVA PRO also gives you more templates and photos etc. For creating content this is the perfect tool for getting started.


I highly recommend you do your designs from your Desktop since I find it more precise and easier to manage. But you can do most of the functions from your phone too.

Put those thinking caps on, do a little research and get creative. You are one step closer to building your dream brand making your vision a reality.

And there you have it Mombosses! If you not yet using CANVA and you want to get serious about structuring your brand then this is going to rock your world! I have used CANVA for ALL the designs I do for MomBoss on ALL its various platforms. This app will give you the power to produce exciting content that will set you apart from the rest.

Love is in the details so spread a little bit of your magic.  

Stay tuned for more blogs on “How to create an Online Presence.” I hope you found this article helpful and we will be seeing you in the mombossmarket.space soon!

Go on now! Get creative!



  1. Lomni

    A logo design means a lot for a brand., which i realised in the past mom and kids business fair held in aug 2019. And this canva is really helpful in it.

    1. Lauren

      I am so happy you realise the importance! Canva is super amazing!

  2. Helen

    This was very helpful Lauren.Thank you so much

  3. Shinal Dhanani

    A very informative and helpful post, I, personally have already started using the Canva app for my online business!


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