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The pandemic has changed everything around the globe be it a life of a newborn or the grandparents, it has affected everyone in every way. With many being forced to work from home more and more people have shifted their focus towards their homes. Home has become more important now than ever.

Everyone in the house has tried to become an interior designer or a decorator! In the same way, everyone has started multitasking and doing all odd jobs inside the house of cleaning, washing, ironing, etc.

People are spending so much time inside their homes and so as a designer, I believe the spaces should be lively and more connected to every member of the house.

We will for sure see a return to dedicated workspaces at home, real home offices, more than just temporary corners in a room. When you spend a lot of time working from home, you need to have a space to be actually separated from the rest of the house, to be more productive but also to have a clear separation between working hours and relaxing/staying at home hours. We can always add that little touch to our working space or relaxing space by doing some simple changes and using some old stuff and refurbishing the same. To redesign a space you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket, at least not during this crisis, otherwise, you can go ahead and hire an interior designer!

Some interior warm-ups for the homes with corona crisis

Wallpapers or wall textures are so economical and easy to apply, and it can upgrade your room without doing much, use colors which you can tolerate every day and not something which hurts your eyes after a point of time. Another best way is to accessorize,  I always believe that the artifacts and decor should be nice and bright which just lifts up your mood, the same way we add a bit of salt in our food to balance the whole dish.

We all have enough time on hand now, kids can also help in brightening up the space and at the same time, it will motivate them to get more creative. Get your kids drawing or painting and get it framed and put it up and make it a feature wall.

Not only it will add color but also make your kid feel on top of the world showing off their talent.

This is the best accessory I would like to use in any of my client’s room, a sofa throw and a dozen printed cushions with a rustic rug. This can make any corner or a room cozy and comfortable. Also, large antique mirrors will just complete the look and complement your furnishings.

Adding a photo/abstract collage which gives a good depth to a small room. In a room where you are spending a couple of hours working from home and doing the mundane job without anyone around, should have something to keep you away from depressing thoughts.

Recycle and reuse, as we have all the time we can get that old stuff out and recycle, be it a baby chair, old baby clothes, baby toys. When you reuse your old stuff it connects to you in many ways with the memories attached to it. Plants are one thing that you can incorporate with your interiors in so many ways. Experimenting with different containers can also be an interesting way to add fun to a boring space. Don’t forget to water them regularly, don’t just plant them to put on your Insta stories!!

Light it! Since the pandemic, we all have been eating at home and honestly, sometimes it becomes so boring to eat at the same table without any change. A tiny light from a scented candle can change the ambiance and it is a mood lifter as well. Candles are such beautiful accessories for any table or space where you want to rejuvenate or meditate.

Article written by: Avani Modi -
Certified Interior Designer, 3D design services, E-Design, and consultation
Photo credit: Unsplash
Email: avanimodi1609@gmail.com
Phone: 0716901604
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neillgetscreative/

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