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Having snacks in your pantry is important not only for keeping you full throughout the day, but also for their health benefits. Depending on which primary ingredients the snacks are made from, each snack can offer you amazing benefits. It is time to tantalize your taste buds by trying out some of the snacks below from Suli’s Magic Kitchen.

Arrowroot crisps

Arrowroots are a root tuber plant that is highly valued for its health benefits. Aside from being gluten-free and making other foods, arrowroots can be made into crisps that stand out from their vibrant color. They are white with purple dots and patterns, pleasant to the eye. Highly rich in starch, these deep-fried crisps are super crunchy and taste heavenly. You can enjoy these crisps if you are weight conscious as arrowroots help in weight loss when consumed. Suli’s Magic arrowroot crisps smell fresh and will turn into an absolute favorite after your first bite.

For Kshs.1,200/=, you can get yourself a kilo of the arrowroot crisps.

Potato Crisps

Forget about buying potato crisps from convenience stores. Getting yourself some freshly prepared ones is what you should aim for. Suli’s Magic Kitchen has these freshly done ones which will make you say Ooolala! Imagine, having the amazing scent of the deep-fried, crunchy snacks in a bowl, all for yourself. These potato crisps are thinly sliced, and fried until golden brown. Eat them as an appetizer, for brunch add-ons or incorporate them into your family movie night snack dishes.

Suli’s Magic Kitchen retail these at Kshs.1,200/= per kilo, meant to satisfy you and your family.

Cassava Crisps

Cassava crisps are a unique type of crisps that you do not find everywhere. Since cassava is low in fat and high in protein, these crisps are perfect if you are on a weight loss program. You can bite into these crisps which taste somewhat sugary from the cassava starch. To be more convinced as to why these crisps are good for you, they have a variety of benefits that you should know about. Eating a handful of cassava crisps a day will support your eye health, cure fever, help in healing wounds, and will be a great appetizer. They are also good for your children’s nutrition, as well as beneficial to pregnant mothers.

Get your 1kg pack from Suli’s Magic Kitchen at Kshs.1,200/=

Sweet Potato Crisps

Have you ever tried eating a plain, boiled, or roasted sweet potato? The yellow or purple yummy goodness is one to behold, right? Now imagine that turned into thinly sliced and well deep-fried crisps. Absolutely amazing! Sweet Potato crisps are a refined carbohydrate product that is devoid of fiber, protein, and any appreciable amount of vitamins and minerals. Highly rich in beta-carotene, you are sure that consuming these snacks offer a healthier alternative to other snacks. These colorful crisps are sold after being freshly prepared with lots of love from Suli’s Magic Kitchen.

You can get these sumptuous crisps for Kshs.1,200/=   per kilo.

Banana Crisps

Most people think bananas are only edible when ripe. Actually, there are many varieties of bananas that can be prepared when they are green. Such varieties can make banana crisps that are starchy and tasty. Suli’s Magic Kitchen source out the best bananas to prepare these crisps. They have the right balance of sugar and salt, the sugar coming from the natural banana taste. They are crispy and crunchy, with a nearly golden brown tint after preparation. Try these crisps today and you will not regret it.

These banana crisps, which retail at for Kshs.1,200/=   per kilo are really a snack to indulge in.

Homemade Bhusu

Suli’s Magic Kitchen prepares fresh home-made Bhusu which is a tangy, crunchy mixture of chickpeas, pressed rice, split chickpeas, puffed rice, peanuts, and spices. Bhusu is India’s version of a spicy trail mix. The nankeen taste of the Bhusu is most enjoyable along with the sweet masala tea, which makes a perfect combination to explode your taste buds. This snack is made from the finest ingredients, which each have unique flavors. Since each ingredient is prepared separately, you are assured of the top-notch quality of this Bhusu snack. Treat your guests with a bowl of these, and they will enjoy your hosting fully.

You can get a kilo of the Bhusu at Kshs.1,200/=.

Homemade Chevda

A house without Chevda cannot be complete. These snacks are a perfect combo of sweet and savory ingredients, mixed together to make the perfect mix. To make the perfect pack of Chevda, Suli’s Magic Kitchen mix together grains like puffed rice, cashew nuts, and peanuts, small round fried balls made of lentils, and may incorporate spices. You can actually see how colorful the chevda is through the pack. Being that they are homemade, these ingredients are fresh, ready to eat, and will get you hooked on how tasty it is.

To enjoy these, you can buy a kilo at Kshs.1,200/=.

All these snacks are amazing to incorporate in your daily food as they offer such a variety to your diet. Do not allow yourself to have a boring movie night or host guests without having these snacks around you. They definitely promise to lighten up everyone’s mood as well as fill their tummies. Purpose to enjoy these homemade snacks and your life will never be the same again! Get these by contacting Suli’s Magic Kitchen through their social media pages.

Article written by:

Khilna Shah 

Contact: +254723918999





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