KITCHENWARE YOU CAN TRUST – by Green Zone Investments

KITCHENWARE YOU CAN TRUST – by Green Zone Investments

Kitchenware you can trust

The New Year is one month down already, and one of your resolutions may have been getting better kitchenware. Well, here is the best chance to tick that off your to-do list, after taking advantage of these amazing and affordable bargains. What a great way to give your kitchen utensils a facelift!

Sq Professional Nessa Granum 5 pc stockpot set

For ONLY Kshs.17,000/= you can actually be a proud owner of this gorgeous set. It is definitely time to be the envy of all your neighbors with this 5 piece. They come in different sizes, with the big one having a good food accommodating capacity. These easy to clean pots are truly heavy-duty, and will definitely last you a near lifetime. The glass lids with beautiful handles on top that matches the rest of the pot color are not easy to break. They will keep your food steaming and well protected. This pot a great investment.

Sq Professional Nea Range Marbell 4 Pc Square Stock Pot

If you prefer to have a smaller number of the pots, then having a four-set will definitely work well for you. These pots are strong in their make, with a somewhat square-ish base that has a serration design. The unique concept is actually to improve its durability and ensure that it is not susceptible to scratches at the bottom. Coming in a variety of colors, this Marbell set is one to enjoy having. It also has a glass lid that is very stable and does not break as easily as you may imagine. In fact, even when you cook and cover the food, the steam does not put it at risk of breaking or damage. Even if you are not cooking with them, you can stare at them and admire their ultimate beauty. Get these hardy pots set at Kshs.15,300/= today and walk home a proud owner. They are currently available in red, black, and pale peach color.

Sq Professional Gems Metallic Stock Pots calac

Do you prefer the metallic type of cookware? Then look no further than getting yourself this four set of pots. These accommodative pots are admirable from the outside from their extremely unique design. The graphics, which look like some abstract paintings make these pots stand out to the fullest. Aside from its amazing outward look, these pots also promise to give you quality service. You can rest assured that food will not stick to the bottom, just because it is metallic. Actually, these pots serve one best, especially if you want to avoid breakages fully. The material itself will ensure that you shall cook with them for years without complaining. You can get these pots at Kshs.15,300/= for each set. After this purchase, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the cooking experience.

Sq Professional blitz meat grinder

So, you are a lover of preparing sausages from scratch, or love making meat patties, but do not have the right equipment. Well, we’ve got just the equipment to solve all your problems and turn all your meat dreams come true. This machine, which is a great fit for any kitchen stands out for a variety of reasons. It is not bulky, and easy to operate. All you have to do is put the meat in, use the calibration you want, and Voila! Your meat is minced. Its grinders are rust-free, and once cleaned well, they do not threaten to start losing their shine. Being easy to clean, this professional meat grinder comes with the correct pressers, which you use to press down the meat. It is a stainless steel machine that is heavy-duty. Fitting well on your kitchen countertop, this is the type of machine that will make you a happy cook. For Kshs.10,000/= you can be the proud owner of this kitchen beast.

Sq Professional blitz halogen oven

You have absolutely no need to complain of lacking an oven when such great bargains exist! This super portable halogen oven is the new tech, having made it possible for absolutely anyone to enjoy and practice baking. The oven can fit in a whole chicken and other foods as per its baking plate. All that is required of you is to prepare your ingredients, layer them, pre-heat and cook. No need to worry whether this oven will produce the same results as the other bigger ones. It is no different, only that it is smaller and can be moved. What is even more magical is that through the glass all around, you can observe how well your food is cooking. Explore the world of baking and roasting with this halogen oven retailing at Kshs.10.300/=

Sq professional bread-bin and canisters

In the case you are wondering what a bread bin is, it is a container used for storing bread and other baked goods. The purpose of having one is to ensure that your bread stays fresh for longer, without necessarily placing it into the deep freezer. You may have probably noticed how quick bread gets moldy. To avoid this scenario, the bread bin can be your savior. The bread-bin comes with a set of three canisters, which are generally used for storage. You can store in some sugar, ground coffee, or teabags. These multi-purpose canisters are a statement piece and will definitely appeal to your guests during tea time. Going for Kshs.5,000/= this bread-bin and canisters set is all you need to elevate your breakfast and afternoon tea time experience.

Sq Professional 2 Tier Dish Drainer

Every kitchen needs a good and stable drainer. That is exactly what this 2Tier Dish Drainer offers and more. The stainless steel feature, with a silver finish is exceptional, with zero possibility of rusting. Interestingly, you can actually stack up more dishes to this drainer as it can accommodate a huge number, in comparison to others that are smaller. Drain your dishes correctly, without the risk of breakages after purchasing this for Kshs.2,500/=.

Sq Professional Metallic Stockpots 3 pc

Get your kitchen game up by buying these hardy and attractive pots. These pots are metallic and get to give you such a good allowance in terms of space. Coming in different sizes, you can enjoy their wide variety of use. What is more notable about this set is the metallic handles at the top of the lid. Thankfully, you will not get burnt unnecessarily since the lids take care of that. Get this 3 piece set at for Kshs.17,000/= today.

Sq Professional 2 in 1 Food Processor

A kitchen without a food processor is definitely not a complete one. You need a food processor to widen your scope of cooking, as it offers a wide range of functionality. You can chop dry ingredients, puree wet ones, blend, or mix others. This one has the two most important functions, coming with separate glass jars for blending and for processing. With its huge capacity, and easy to clean features, enjoy using this super gadget with an investment of Kshs.12,300/= only.

Sq Professional Gem metallic electric kettle (1.8 Ltr)

Do you enjoy the kettle whistles in the morning? You can now improve that experience by owning this metallic kettle. It is electric, easy to use, and clean, with a capacity of more than two cups. The metallic feature is rust-free, promising to keep shining from day one until forever. It is also hard to get scratches on this kettle as you move it around. It has an easy to operate on and off button towards its base, making your life more comfortable. Enjoy your beverages by owning this kettle which is going for Kshs.5,000/=

Sq professional ultimate carbon steel cookware 7 pc

If you haven’t made up your mind on any of the best deals above, then this one will blow your mind. Retailing at Ksh.6,500/=, this seven-piece set is like no other. It consists of stockpots of different sizes, a saucepan, and a frying pan. All non-stick, this set is carbon steel and super easy to clean. It also has a proven durability lifespan, ensuring that you don’t go to the store for replacements. Ensure you grab yourself this 7 piece set, and say goodbye to low-quality products.

All these kitchenware items can be found at Greenzone Investments. Check out their social media platforms for these and more.

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