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Aratus Health Limited is a very young and upcoming company that is internationally driven, established in Nairobi, Kenya.

Aratus Health is a company focussed on improving the lives of patients through efficient importation of medical devices through partnering with Ministry of Health, NGOs, World Health Organisation, and other reputable organizations as well as close networking with Institutes (Hospitals) and Physicians / Consultants in the Public and Private sector/counties.

The company strives to work in the main areas below:-

(i) Devices – comprises various testing devices (e.g. blood glucose testing meters, BP Machines), collection of samples (e.g. urinary bags), perform procedures (e.g. percutaneous tracheotomy kits)

(ii)Animal products – comprises of veterinary medical devices for use of cats, dogs, and amongst other animal species.

(iii)Education – writing literature and/or training material partnering with organizations with causes e.g. reports on screening events and trends observed, developing questionnaires to collect data for publications.

(iv)Management / Strategic Consultancy – working on projects to help organizations to enhance business operations in areas of interest. This could be a division/department or an interest to determine new niches in the market. Established in 2017.



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