Get all the essentials, that you as a parent MUST have when welcoming your New-Born baby.

The BAE Diaper Caddy is a handy, portable, organizer that easily ensures the ordinary mayhem that babies are guaranteed to bring is better managed.

Make diaper changes an (almost) enjoyable experience for both you and baby by having a portable changing station at your fingertips.

A good diaper caddy keeps things neat, tidy and calm, no matter what your baby throws your way.

BAE diaper Caddy comes with plenty of compartments for storage, and the inner insert is removable so you can customize your caddy to your needs.  There are also exterior pockets where you can store pacifiers, small toys and other easy to reach items.

The BAE diaper caddy comes in a neutral Grey colour so it will match any colour pala

There are 3 packages to suite your pocket
BAE DELUXE at ksh 6,500
BAE CLASSIC at Ksh 5,800
BAE ESSENTIAL at ksh 4,800

To order your fully stocked BAE caddy organiser, go to