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BMG distinguishes itself by offering everyday products and services, namely Income Generating Assets (IGA’s) and is highly recognized by the industry as a leading customer service provider of IGA’s. Our continual emphasis on research and development of next-generation products and services ensures the company remains ahead of market requirements, meeting demands for value-added, flexible, feature-rich, and cost-effective technology. We have a well advanced technical team which has been trained at the best manufacturing hubs.

Our Beliefs

1. We have started a process of respecting bottom of the pyramid (BOP) consumers as individuals. The process of co-creation assumes that consumers are equally important joint problem solvers.

2. We recognize BOP consumers as resilient, creative entrepreneurs, and value-conscious consumers.

3. To expose the BOP consumers to BMG products and services at an affordable price with the accessibility of credit facilities.

4. To build entrepreneurship skills/training and self-esteem within communities. To work towards BOP’s getting recognition, respect, and fair treatment.

5. Creating regional and territorial opportunities to develop more local jobs.


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