❤ Love is a daily decision that comes from the inside out!
🧡If you have trouble loving
💛If you love too much or too little
💜If you love with expectations of being loved back
💙If you love without Emotional Intelligence
🤎 If you love others more than yourself
💛 I want to tell you that all kinds of relationships to work out… We need a Magic Word: BALANCE
I'm here to help you, look reach me out today ,and give yourself the opportunity to invest in your "Personal Development" …
I will be happy to walk with you on this Journey of changing and construction! We are in constant CONSTRUCTION…don't forget this!
I'm waiting for you… let's go together!

It's not enough to love with emotion, to be sustainable, a relationship needs to have an intelligent love. Whoever loves only with emotion will have a circumstantial love, intolerant of frustrations quickly exhausted!
August Cury


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