LorMar Florium is a silk-based flower design company specializing in flower subscriptions. However, a new baby was born out of a pandemic and Lormar gave birth to a baby called flowerhood.

The pandemic pushed us to grow into a beautiful flower. The original idea of the virtual space was to allow clients to pick and design their own flowers and we have the bouquets delivered as the client designed them, but due to social distancing, it never quite worked as we wanted to. So here we go baby flowerhood was born.

Flowerhood is a do it yourself flower arrangement app, that allows you to design in-app flowers on the app and to personalize the app arrangement with a personal message that comes with the Flower Arrangement. It allows you to be creative, its great therapy and most allows you to connect by gifting someone your time and creativity through a floral bouquet. This arrangement done on the app is done virtually through WhatsApp or any other social media platform that one prefers. This app is an opportunity for many people to create great memories at a personal level. For instance an expectant mother can design flowers for her unborn or newly born baby to celebrate a milestone of their growth till when they can actually pull out an album saved for the memories that the parents have been saving for the baby. Organizations can use as a wellness program also to encourage their staff to check on their colleagues or sales people to wish their clients well depending on the event of the year. Flowerhood also goes all the way to allow one to print out their flower collections and put them together in a picture frame or a mug. It can be used to remember certain people, also it can be used at work to reward employees, can be used as a campaign to fund raise and also can be used to create beautiful CSR projects for our clients. Flowerhood is meant to be shared , meant to keep mental notes in a colorful and bloomful way, Flowerhood is multipurpose and we definitely hope that you will enjoy this space to keep you connected with long lost dear friends and family near or far.

Remember the arrangements you make are personalized by you and are virtually sent to your loved ones in minutes.

So here we go, carry flowers with you wherever you go, you will never miss out on gifting someone affordably and in real time.


Nairobi, Kenya