The Event, Experience, and Effects of Trauma affect US ALL. I am Catherine and I work with you to reverse these effects to help you THRIVE and not SURVIVE.

There are two misguiding misconceptions about trauma. The first is that only a select few get to experience trauma and the second is that once it happens then it is permanent and cannot be healed.

The fact is that sooner or later, we do get to experience trauma. It is a human experience and can totally be released, giving relief from the attachments to past traumas, the stories that we tell ourselves and others which often give rise to episodes of anger, anxiety/panic attacks, hopelessness, depression, and low self-esteem to name only but a few.

Trauma may result from life-threatening illnesses or caring for a loved one, physical and emotional abuse, loss of relationships, and discrimination of any kind. The causes are numerous and the consequences debilitating and terrible.

The good news is that by accepting the pain that trauma inflicts, we can open up neuro-pathways that bring healing and change giving rise to a deep awakening. This is indeed a monumental leap of faith, but in it is recovery, transformation, and self-discovery.

You can now end the cycle of constant triggers and default to anxiety that keeps you stuck in the past and hamper your growth and development. You can absolutely do this.

My 8-week program provides the opportunity for self-discovery, self awareness and above all, living a life full of passion. Book no-obligation Life Strategy call at